Slope Adjuster Heads - Self-Levelling - 0° to 5°

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Self-Levelling Heads to convert fixed head pedestals for use on sloping surfaces - 0° to 5°

  • Auto adjusts for slopes up to 5°
  • Heads available for Pavers / Tiles, and also for Joists
  • Will convert any 1836LP or 3560ML P2 or P4 pedestal. Also suited for 1836 Low profile pedestals.

The StrataRise SLH-DF Self-Levelling Head for Decking/Flooring joist supporting can be used to convert any 1836LP or 3560ML P2 or P4 pedestals to provide automatic levelling for joists on slopes from 0° to 5°. Simply break off the removable spacer tabs from the standard paver support head and fit the self-levelling support head into place. 

Please note: The self-levelling heads will increase the height of the standard pedestals by approximately 10mm.  The self-levelling heads cannot be fitted onto 1836LP or 3560ML DF Joist pedestals- the self-levelling joist support head will fit onto P2 or P4 pedestals to convert them for joists.