StrataDome - Spacer Screws SD-EDGE-SCREW-15

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As a full professional quality system StrataDome offers a wide choice of different thickness Spacer Leveller Screw Clips for fitting under the Tile Sides, to suit individual job requirements. In addition, unlike many other similar systems, Screw Clips are also available for Cross Spacing and T-Spacing. The use of spacer leveller screw clips in the cross joints greatly improves the accuracy of installations ensuring perfect alignment of joints and grout lines.

Achieve perfect levels (no lippage), perfect tile spacing and perfect joint alignment

StrataRise  ... the professional's choice!


Threaded spacer/leveller clips are inserted underneath the tile edges or at joint intersections, into the bed of adhesive, before the adjacent tiles are positioned. The anti-scratch washer (use optional) is placed onto the bottom of the Levelling Dome (fits both the Standard and PRO Dome) which is then screwed onto the threaded spacer/leveller clip until the tiles are drawn level. The Standard Levelling Dome is designed for easy tightening by hand and spins freely within the anti-scratch washer, preventing any marking on delicate surfaces and allowing for quick installation. The PRO Dome is faster to use, see part description for details.

Once the tiles are laid and levelled, leave until the tile adhesive is dry. The Domes and Spacer/Leveller Screws can then be easily removed by giving the domes a sharp tap with a rubber headed mallet, or by a kick, ideally in a parallel direction to the tile edge. This will cause the screw to break off at a level with the tile base leaving the joints clear and ready for grouting. The used leveller screws can be removed from the Domes and Washers which can then be saved for re-use.

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