StrataRise PS1 9mm Fixed Height Paver Stands

Suitable for self-supporting concrete Pavers and Slabs - for use on pre-leveled areas

StrataRise 9mm Paving Support Pads are manufactured as a circular ring with a hollow centre. They are made from a compound of synthetic and natural rubber and are designed to be tough, flexible, durable and able to tolerate heavy loads, up to 8 tonnes, without damaging the surface beneath.

As the 9mm Rubber Paver Support Pads are made from a synthetic rubber as opposed to plastic, they offer the distinct advantages of being flexible and easy to cut. They have a rounded edge to prevent denting or damage to a membrane beneath, making them ideal for installation directly onto more delicate surfaces, such as insulation or single-ply roofing.They also offer sound and vibration insulation, and are extremely resistant to extremes of heat and cold. They will not become brittle in cold weather. The rubber compound ensures that the pads give a degree of grip, and will not slip on the surface beneath when being installed.

There is no mechanical fixing required with StrataRise PS1 Paver Supports nor any need to lay slabs in mortar – the surface is secured by the weight of the slab or covering. Contractors can take up, re-position, change the slabs, or inspect the deck beneath at any time without any problem.

The 5mm wide mouded spacing lugs ensure that the paving slabs are clearly separated from each other with a regular spacing, giving a uniform joint line and making the installation process fast, easy and without mess. The 5mm gap provides good drainage between and beneath the slabs, which are lifted high enough off the sub-deck to ensure no blockages occur. On the underside of the paver support are a series of grooves which channel rainwater away from the centre of the ring, so no standing water is left in the long-term. The synthetic rubber material is extremely tough but flexible, meaning that the sub-deck is somewhat cushioned from the slabs. The pads will not slip on the sub-deck and they can be laid onto very hard surfaces such as concrete or glass without scratching or damage.

Adjustment / Height Increases

Often roof decks and surfaces will have dips or ridges in certain areas and increases and adjustments will need to be made to individual pads to ensure the slabs are smoothly laid. These fine adjustments can be made with StrataRise Leveling Shims which can be positioned on the upper side of the support pads. These plastic shims are supplied in a 2mm thickness and can be snapped or cut into quarters or halves, where only one side, or a quadrant of the support pad needs height alteration. Levelling shims can be used in multiples to achieve desired adjustment heights. Larger adjustments can be catered for by placing rubber spacer pads beneath the paver supports - a range of thicknesses are available.

StrataRise Pedestals ... the professional's choice!


MaterialTPO Rubber Compound
Thickness / Height off Surface9mm
Lug Width (Distance between paving slabs)5mm
Lug Height9mm
Weight Tolerance / Bearing Capacity8,400 Kg
Outer Diameter120mm
Inner Diameter55mm
Width of Drainage Channels4mm per Channel (8 Channels per Pad)
Ref No.DescriptionPack pcs.Pallet pcs.
PS1RB-249mm Paver Support Base Pads with 2mm spacer shims24-
PS1RB-969mm Paver Support Base Pads with 2mm spacer shims96-
PS1RB-BULK9mm Paver Support Base Pads only1754725
PS1-SHIM2mm thick Adjustment ShimsMin. 24-

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